Legacy Church, located in Charleston, SC., was started on September 14, 2002 as Legacy Cathedral by Pastors and founders Kevin and Tracie Baird. There were approximately 40 people who gathered together in a small neighborhood meeting room to begin a new Spirit-filled church in the Charleston area.

The church gathered for several weeks in a local hotel meeting room before securing its first location in a 3600 square foot furniture warehouse. This location would meet the needs of the new church for only several months as the church grew and needed to secure a larger facility. On September 1, 2003, a 15,000 square foot facility in a mall was secured and renovated for the ministry debt-free. On February 14, 2008,  11.5 acres of property south of Charleston was purchased to be developed as the permanent location for the ministries and vision of Legacy Church. In August of 2010, land clearing began in order to build the new Sanctuary that will accomodate the growing congregation. In its relatively short time of existence, Legacy has also been an intricate part in starting 3 other churches in the region. Legacy is an interdenominational church with people from various Christian denominational backgrounds and fellowships. Legacy is known for its passion for developing true disciples of Jesus Christ and is a training center for those desiring answers and solutions to living a victorious Christian life. It is a place of passionate worship, prayer, and teaching.