Legacy Church is affiliated as a Covenant Member with the Network of Related Pastors (NRP) in Reserve, LA and is accountable in its ministry, doctrine, and finances to an Apostolic Oversight Board (Presbytery). This board is an outside group of ministers (5-fold) whose responsibilities include protection and oversight of both pastors and the church.

Legacy Church complies with all 501(c) 3 requirements from the IRS and functions under all expectations of non-profit corporations in the state of South Carolina with the exception of the Johnson Amendment which prohibits the Pastor's First amendment right of Free speech. We consider this amendment to be unconstitutional and unbiblical. Legacy Church also has a board of trustees which regulates all church indebtedness, major purchases, and pastoral amenities.


Pastor Rod Aguillard, Senior Overseer; Network of Related Pastors, Reserve, LA
Pastor Mike Ware, Senior Pastor; Victory Church, Denver, CO
Pastor Joe Warner, Senior Pastor; Freedom Fellowship, Orlando, FL